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 Gender Male
 Age 15
 Country United States
 Marrital Status Single
 Hair Black
 Body Type
 Religion Buddhism
 Height (cm) 0
 Weight (kg) 0
adn_23 Male (30)
friedrice30 Male (18)
leonsingha Male (31)
howlei Male (29)
kllooi Male (26)

U dont need to know

 School Name
 Education High School
 Favorite Music Classical , Pop , Jazz
 Like to do TV , Movies , Cinema , Do Sport , Watch Sport , Read , Resturants , Singing , Comedy Clubs , Running , Cycling , Shopping , Golf , Dancing , Nightclubs
 Like to read Books , Cartoons
 Favorite Pet dog
 City garland
 Eye Color Brown
 Gender Female
 Age Between and
 Country United States
 Marrital Status Single
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